Who am I?

I am a programmer with a mostly self-taught background, passionate about technology, always looking for new things to learn and projects to participate in. Since I was a child I was attracted to computers, at the age of 15 I discovered Linux, some time later Blender (3D modeling and animation software), because I wanted to understand how it worked I started studying Python, even without knowing very well what programming was I was already learning about data structures and making small scripts.

I started a career in computer systems engineering where I spent a couple of years, but even though I got good grades, I was not satisfied with the study program so I decided to leave it to study on my own.

I spent some time studying game development, then developing some prototypes until I was given the opportunity to develop a web project for a family member who needed a website. It was then when I fell in love with Front End web development, after finishing that first project soon came the second one, some people wanted to start a company and offer services through the internet, we spent 6 months planning, making prototypes, looking for people interested in the project but in the end the group separated little by little and the project ended up paused indefinitely.

After that, I used what I learned in a couple of other projects and decided it was time to learn agile development tools and methodologies, I learned Laravel, Vue, Nuxt and Scrum which I have used in my latest projects successfully.

Among my other interests and skills are Blender (Animation, modeling and everything related), as well as photography and design.